Robert (dalisair) wrote,

Wording stolen, but matches my feelings.

"I didn't really think I needed to post a statement like this, but I guess I should.

Respect my Journal! If I post a rant, vent, comment, personal life item, and that neat little lock is next to the journal, that isn't an invitation to pass my journal around as you see fit, especially when you don't agree with my views. They are my personal opinions and open to my FRIENDS ONLY! Now, I can assume that "friend" on the internet is a loose term, as is a friends list.

I understand that overwhelming urge to pass my thoughts, opinions, and views on to those who's business it isn't...and well, I am not so ignorant to assume that the internet is secure and what you write in a blog is sacred. However, I would expect a little respect. Not much to ask, but I don't know if I can expect it. 

So, that being said. If my personal views expressed in this journal don't meet to your standards, insult you, and so forth I encourage you to remove yourself from my friends list, cause I don't plan to change my opinions so I can keep you on my list. If you're here to wait for another random outburst from me so you can distribute... enjoy. I just ask for a bit of respect...I won't beg for it.

There, now I said it. Out to the internet it goes... sadly, this likely won't get distributed as much as my rants... but it's worth a shot.


Now back to the journal at hand!"
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